So, Who Is Dee Chun?

This is my very first post, and I’m so excited! I’ve never done anything like this before, and really wanted to try blogging out and see how I liked it. I was inspired by my sis/bestfriend/cousin Wyona Chun, who blogs, and she does an amazing job and i was really interested in trying it out. So I thought to myself, if a bunch of people in Second Life blog, I guess I’ll do it too. So here I am. For my first post, I wanted to inform you who I was.

Dee Chun is a fictional character on the worldwide known virtual game, Second Life. She makes clothes, enjoys dancing, hanging out with her friends, relaxing on the great beaches of SL, going to clubs and restaurants, hotels, and of course a girls’ favorite, shopping. On this blog, she will take you through her amazing journeys through Second Life. Day out with her family, date with that special one, just fun and crazy adventures. So if you wanna know more, come on this adventure with her!